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Live on Air: Klauss Pelaez - A Translation Into Trance 019 With Special Guest Neal Scarborough
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Latest News
Contest: Remix Chemical Brothers Single
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 20th 2007
The Chemical Brothers are giving you the chance to remix one of their most notorious tracks, 'The Salmon Dance'! What are you waiting for, read on to get the deets!

"Here's your chance to remix "The Salmon Dance"! Just download the zip file below to get the raw audio files and mix away.
Post your completed remix as the first track in your MySpace music player and then leave a comment on our myspace with the link."

The winner of the contest will have his or her remix featured in The Chemical Brothers' MySpace player for 2 weeks - and receive a prize pack of Chemical Brothers 12″ singles. All entries must be received by Friday, August 24th at noon EST. Please keep an mp3 of your remix, as the winner will need to provide us with one to put in our player.   more...

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Intuition to Host Event at Amsterdam Dance Event!
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 19th 2007
This fall Intuition will debut with a showcase at the legendary Amsterdam Dance Event. Since the Fridays and Saturdays of this conference / clubbing experience have always been covered by other trance powerhouses such as Armada, Vandit, Black Hole and others, Intuition has taken the liberty of completing the triad, and providing the ADE audience with a quality selection of trance on the Thursday as well. If you ask us, there couldn't be a better way to kick off the conference!

With DJs such as Cosmic Gate, Wippenberg, Orkidea, Menno de Jong, Richard Durand, Sean Tyas and so many more, there is no reason why you shouldn't be there! Act quickly as only 500 tickets will be sold. For the full line up, peep the article after the jump!   more...

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Armada Music Featured Artist: Sean Tyas!
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 19th 2007
As we enter 2007, the name Sean Tyas is a buzz word in trance circles. And with good reason too. He's one of the most talked about DJ / producers of the moment, not just from trance fans on message boards and budding DJs in record stores, but also in the highest echelons of the trance elite, with Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, Sander van Doorn and Above & Beyond all giving his productions massive playlist support.

With this in mind, it is only fitting that Armada Music, Armin's own label, that Sean be highlighted as Armada's featured artist! A New York native now residing in Switzerland, Sean's production skills bring to the dancefloor a mix of melodic harmony and driving groove that have capture many dance fans worldwide.

Peep the link below to read the full Armada Featured Artist article found on the Armada Music website!   more...

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Cor Fijneman attacks 'Jaguar'!
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 19th 2007
The Jaguar remix is here again - but this time by heavyweight producer, Cor Fijneman. Jaguar is a classic techno record that most music fanatics will remember as one of the most influential records in the history of dance music. This techno record has been mixed by many and now it is getting a makeover by Cor Fijneman, the Dutch producer.

Cor Fijneman is popular for the many shows that he has done and produced and of course the outstanding record label and various radio shows and appearances. What is so different about the remix: well! DJ Fijneman has added some really solid percussive base, the kind of sound that adds the extra edge and makes it something worthwhile to dance to. You can almost feel the exuberance as it shifts gears and moves into the first break.

Keep reading for more on this timeless piece of music and to get a sample of Cor's efforts.   more...

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Cor Fijneman Website

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Shlomi Aber - 'State of No One' Album Details!
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 18th 2007
Following on from the success of 'Crop Duster' and current single 'Moods', Renaissance and Shlomi Aber continue their close-knit relationship to release their first artist album together – State Of No One. "It felt right taking this step," says Shlomi, "We both wanted to keep the traditional dance stuff to a minimum and do something a little different. The idea of producing a whole album of beautiful (hopefully!) electronica really appealed to me." And the prodigious Israeli has been true to his word. Over 12 tracks totalling 50 minutes, he demonstrates a fresh, exciting new angle to his production cannon.

'State Of No One' is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new albums of 2007, one that excites, challenges and surprises in equal measure. "It's contemporary chill-out I guess," Shlomi elaborates, "But I'm not so bothered about finding a genre for it, I just hope people like it at the end of the day."

Keep reading to peep the entire tracklist, and stay tuned for its released, scheduled on October 8th 2007!   more...

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Renaissance Website

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Vista Gadget now available for Ministry of Sound Radio!
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 17th 2007
The MoS Radio Gadget sits on your desktop and offers one-click access to the very best in dance music from across the globe. It allows Vista users to easily listen to any of the 13 daily shows from the live stream, or select and skip through the On Demand channels where users can pick exactly what they want to hear, when they want to hear it.

The On Demand channels give direct access to the best shows and mixes by genre, including 'Chill Out' and the underground 'Sessions' mixes, plus a full weekly archive of all the station's specialist shows. Listeners can pause and skip forwards and backwards at their leisure, all straight from their desktop.

Sure sounds like a promising little tool. Be sure to add it to your desktop, and who knows, maybe Tracklists.ca will follow suit. Let us know in the comments if you would like to see such a tool for Tracklists.ca fans!   more...

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Propellerheads launches New Line of Reason Laptop Bags
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 17th 2007
Quite simply dubbed 'the perfect bag for the mobile musician' by its creator, the Reason Laptop bag comes in two flavors: a 15 inch version and a 13 inch version. Both dotting a carbon grey color with an embroidered Reason logo, don't be left out, pick one up today! The Reason Laptop Bag has a heavily padded laptop section that will protect your notebook or other gear as well as a full sized file section for documents and books and a mesh pocket for cables and adaptors. It comes with a quick-adjust removable padded shoulder strap, secure velcro closure system and a carry handle for grab and go convenience. Carbon grey with Reason logo embroidered at front pocket.

Competitively priced at roughly 50 US Dollars, stop by the link below to snag yourself one!   more...

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Daft Punk set to Release Live CD
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 17th 2007
Billboard.com reports that in late November, everybody's favorite robots are set to release a single CD edition, plus a two disc set, which will feature the show's encore, of their June 14th performance in Paris. "We're from Paris and we hadn't played there for 10 years," Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter told Billboard last Friday, the afternoon following the tour closer in Brooklyn, N.Y. "It must have been a special night for the audience, as well as for us."

After having recently stopped over in Toronto Canada, Daft Punk resume their tour in the US come late October, with a stop at the Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas.

Keep your eyes peeled for their Live CD, appearing in stores in late November!   more...

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Why Dentists are Unpopular?
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 17th 2007
Dentists can be very unpopular to patients. However, if you look closely into the fears of these people, their concerns are more about the tools used and procedures done rather than the professionals themselves. Dentists in Calgary SE are no strangers to fearful patients, either.

If you want to know why exactly patients are afraid of going to dental clinics, here is a rundown of those fears. If you are someone who hates dentists, as well, this list will also give you reasons why you should not fear going to dental clinics.

Needles and Injections
  • Since you were a child, you may find that needles and injections are scary. This may be an irrational fear caused by misguided parenting. Many parents try to instill fear in their children by using the "if you don't behave, I will let the doctor inject" statement. Having your tooth extracted requires injections because you need anesthesia to numb the pain.
  • You see, the dentist is not really the cause of your fear but the tools used. Most dentists are really good at what they do. Therefore, when you visit a clinic, you will find that the specialist can calm your fears. In fact, the best dentist could use injection on you without you even noticing. That is how good they can be.
  • Dental hygiene is important. Anesthesia may be inevitable especially in tooth extraction. Remember though that this is used so that you will not feel any pain once the dentist plucks your bad tooth out.

  • This is another fear not directly caused by the dentist but by the procedures needed to improve your dental hygiene. People just tent to associate pain with dentists.
  • What you must know now, modern dentistry is stress-free and comfortable. The advancement in technology has made it possible for your trip to the dental clinic hassle free. This is to eliminate the fear of patients, in the past, to visit a dentist.
  • If you are looking for dentists in the Calgary SE area, search for the ones who use modern technology so that your fear of painful procedures would be put to rest.

  • Dental drill is linked with pain. This is perhaps, the most hated dentist device. Many individuals are willing to go through all the dental services except for this one.
  • Old drills make those noisy sounds which make you even more nervous and afraid. They make anyone on the dental chair uncomfortable.
  • Newsflash! Modern drills no longer make these sounds and you will find it rather comfortable to stay on the chair while your dentist works his or her magic. Also, you could opt to be sedated while on the procedure. This will help you relax. At the same time, you can block of the noise caused by this gadget by listening to music using your earphones.

Intrusive Affair
  • Many individuals find dental services intrusive. After all, the dentist will be right inside your mouth to carry out procedures needed. This act, for many, feels like an invasion to your personal space.
  • A good dentist will be able to make you feel open to this set-up if he or she is gentle, respectful and graceful about your oral health care.

Most of your fears, could be irrational ones, and only triggered by certain arrangements and not exactly caused by dentists. It is the service provider who makes the experience a lot easier for you. If you are looking for dentists in Calgary SE, you could check if they use modern technologies and are friendly towards their patients.

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'Full on Ferry' Masquerade Details Surface!
submitted by Andre LeFort on August 16th 2007
Ferry Corsten, the current number 6 in the DJ Mag Top 100, is looking forward to doing his first solo-concert in his home country Holland. The event will be organized by the dutch event agency UDC, who is also responsible for events like Dance Valley Festival and Armin Only!.

For this big spectacular, Ferry invited a couple of friends and colleagues of the biz who will give him musical support: Erick E, Fedde Le Grand, Christopher Lawrence, Secret Cinema vs Groove Yard and Cosmic Gate !

Keep reading to find out why Ferry hand picked these select few DJs.   more...

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