4 Great Canadian Trainers

There are several that could be chosen as great trainers in Canadian Sports, and these three are examples.

Jack Donohue Award

This award is a prestigious award that is given to the coach of the year. The coach of the year must exemplify the qualities of Mr. Donohue. Those qualities are a love for the sport, a positive attitude, competitiveness, and honesty.

Sylvain Bruneau

The 2019 winner of this award was none other than Sylvain Bruneau. A massive figure in women’s tennis, and having helped coach Bianca Andreescu in 2019 after her remarkable year winning numerous tennis championships around the world. It is an award that all coaches strive to win. To be recognized for your training/coaching ability as well as your love for the game and country.

Clare Drake

He coached for the University of Alberta golden bears for 28 seasons. Along his path of coaching at the University of Alberta he helped them win six national championships as well as 17 conference championships before he decided to hang up the skates so to say. He was finally inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November and is also a part of Alberta’s sports wall of fame too. He later would pass away in his sleep at the age of 89.

Ken and Kathy Shields

The Power couple Ken and Kathy Shields. What can you say when you have two of the best trainers and mentors in the game of basketball and they are married to each other. Well, that’s what happened with this amazing couple. Both had a love for the game of basketball. They taught their players that school came first and sports or extra circulars came second. They were renowned for their ability to get the most out of their players on and off the court. Both coaches would end up having an over 90 % graduation rate from their student-athletes.