Trainers Set The Pace

When it comes to sports, all too often the full impact that the coach or trainer has is not fully realized. They have a lot of control over the athletes that they are training. Sometimes fans wonder why their favorite athlete is not doing certain things. What they may not realize is that that they have to follow the pace that the trainer sets for them.

Pace Confusion

Setting the pace can sometimes be confusing in the sports world. For example, pacing can refer to a coach’s involvement when it comes to racing events. Or it can be an act carried out by someone else that is assisting the athlete. For example, a runner is in a race and they have a companion running with them to assist them. For example, the assistant may try and shield them from the wind or race ahead to get refreshments for the competing athlete.

Coaches Setting The Pace

The coach determines what pace the athlete should be running at for example if the sport is racing. It can apply to other sports as well like auto racing. But, what it comes down to is setting the guidelines that the athlete must stay within. The pace can be set as a series of goals, or milestones. Which is often done when preparing the athlete for a specific event. Often there can be a series of events that are leading up to the main event.

The Advantages to Setting the Pace

Quite often the athlete wants to put it all out in every event that they participate in. Most often it is during training sessions that the coach will set the pace. A prime example of this is in racing competitions. The coaches will set the pace for short events. What happens without a pace being set is that the athlete burns themselves out long before they are able to complete the race.