Famous Canadian Sports Trainers

There are several Canadian sports trainers in Canada and one of them is Adrian Teodorescu.

Outside of the Ring

Mr. Teodorescu was a brilliant man way ahead of his time. From helping mold the future generations for success and teaching them about not only just boxing but life itself and how to succeed in and out of the ring.

Troubled Youth

He understood that in the sport of boxing you are normally dealing with troubled youth coming from rough areas in town and a lot of poverty. Mr. Teodorescu knew that to help fix this problem, it would have to start with him first and foremost.

Boxing Gym

He opened up his boxing gym in the west mall in Etobicoke. He was so passionate about boxing and training these young men he would let some of them coming from bad living environments sleep in the gym.

He trained and coached a lot of boxers that graced the pros as well as Olympic and commonwealth game champions and medallists.

Remembering Adrian

After Adrian passed away at the age of 73 from lymphoma at Mt. Sinai, he was remembered as one of the best not only in Canada but in the world as a boxing trainer.

Everyone who knew Mr. Teodorescu said he was loving and caring and also brought so much knowledge and life lessons to these young men. That has helped shape numerous young adult males’ futures into something beyond their wildest dreams and he will be remembered as a huge part of their lives.

It’s not every day you see a trainer with the talent and pedigree he had but also the compassion and desire to mold these young adults into respectable men in the ring also outside of it. He will be missed but his legacy and impact will live on forever.