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Andrea Pirlo: “Dibala is an important player, he will be part of the project. I spoke with Ronaldo a few days ago».

The new head coach of Juventus, Andrea Pirlo, spoke about some of the team’s players.

“Ronaldo and I spoke a few days ago, and yesterday I spoke with him on the pitch, just like with others. We will have time to talk in the coming weeks.

Dibala was never planned to be sold, he is an important player and will be part of the project.

Artur is a good player, we admired him at Barcelona and in the Brazilian national team. He can play several roles in midfield, ” Pirlo said.

Nuno Gomes: “Pirlo and Zidane played in similar positions, and it was clear that they would become coaches».

Former Portugal, Benfica and Fiorentina striker Nuno Gomes compared the new Juventus coach, Andrea Pirlo, to Zinedine Zidane, who heads real Madrid.

“All coaches have to start somewhere, don’t they? For Pirlo, this is a great opportunity and a great challenge in his first job as a coach.

Pirlo will have the support of the players, the club and the fans. So he has everything to become a good choice for the club as a new coach.

There is no doubt that Pirlo was a terrific footballer. And I believe that he will become a very good coach.

You can compare him with Zidane, because they played in similar positions on the field. This is funny, since many of the players who become coaches have operated in midfield.

You have an idea about Pirlo. He was the “Maestro” for the team when he played. And even the style of his game showed that he would become a coach at the end of his career, as in the case of Zidane.

The name Pirlo is highly respected. And I think the players will help him achieve what he wants,”the Portuguese told Stats Perform News.