The Legendary Louis Stong

Louis Stong is a famous figure skating athlete himself as well as a development coach/ trainer for Canada.

His Achievements

He is a former bronze medalist and also competed himself in the 1960 figure skating championship in Vancouver British Columbia. He would later place 11th and step down from competitive figure skating.

Change of Careers

He would then realize he wanted to coach and have a part in developing upcoming athletes and wanted to help build the country’s figure skating team into a competitive outfit.

Famous Skaters

It seemed that great figure skaters just happen to gravitate towards him. With the likes of Kurt Browning, Jose Chouinard and Karen Preston to name a few of Canada’s best figure skating athletes that he has helped coach or mentor.


He just seems to gain respect more and more as the months and years go on. The moment you meet Mr. Stong you are at a loss of words. From his knowledge of the sport to his vision, to where he would like to see competitive skating in 10 years, he is truly remarkable.

Where he is Today?

All his hard work has led him to where he is today. Louis is now Canada’s director of skating development. This is a very coveted job and one that does not come without a lot of respect from the skating community along with a track record to back it up.

A Legend

He truly is a legendary trainer that has transcended eras and keeps pushing figure skating forward with his vision and ideas to keep it headed down the right track. A truly remarkable man of great character and passion for the sport.

Everyone that has or will pursue figure skating whether that be a career or just as a hobby in a local town or city will have heard of Louis Stong and knows his story.