A Famous Sports Trainer For The NHL

Sports is a big industry in Canada, and among them all one that stands out the most is hockey.

Every Youngsters Dream

Almost every youngster that enjoys hockey in Canada has aspirations to one day become part of the NHL. Some will start looking for trainers while they are still very young.

Impressive NHL Trainers

One of the most polished NHL trainers in the last decade would have to be Gary Roberts. From youth to women’s hockey to today’s best NHL players, Gary has helped many athletes meet their goals.

Gary himself played in the national hockey league for over 20 years, spending time with the Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and Florida Panthers, just to name a few teams.


He not only made it to the NHL but had an impact as a gritty player with impeccable fitness who was a no-nonsense kind of guy. After too many injuries, the game slipped away from him, not being able to come back from all that he sustained.

Opening of a Facility

So Gary stuck to what he knew best, hockey and fitness. He opened up a

physical fitness facility where he mentors and trains various hockey athletes from kids to women. His insight and ability to absorb knowledge like a sponge have made him into the most sought-after NHL trainer. He has helped the likes of Conor McDavid and Steven Stamkos, who every young boy tries to be when they’re on the ice or at home playing street hockey with their friends.

Simple Approach

His approach is simple, which is hard work and getting into the habits of eating healthy which he has studied and put to practical use. He is said to be a once-in-a-generation type of guy with cutting edge technology and constantly working on his craft.