Canadian Sports Trainers

For those who are into visiting sports sites, they may find this one a little different. At least when it comes to the topic. Here we are dedicating our posts to the sports trainers in Canada that have made a difference to the way Canadian athletes perform. Throughout the posts that have been provided here, readers are going to gain greater insight as to their dedication and the role that the trainers play in the lives of the athletes that they take on.


The following are some of the highlights that we have focused on in the posts that you will find here.

  • Well known sports trainers: Canada does not have a long list of famous sports trainers, but the ones that do fall into this category are highly recognized and respected in the Canadian sports world.
  • NHL Trainers: One of the most beloved sports that Canada is recognized for is hockey and specifically the NHL hockey. Throughout the years the Toronto Maple Leafs have gone through many trainers. This article touches upon some of them that are the most notable.
  • Trainers That Are Considered Legends: To make a point of what it takes to be a legendary trainer we chose to focus on the coach for Kurt Browning.

These are just a few of many posts that you can enjoy here. All of the information revolves around the Canadian trainers because without them we would not have the sports that we do today. They often don’t get the credit that they are due.