Trainers and Tokyo Olympics

For many athletes, being able to participate in the Olympics is their ultimate goal, and winning a spot on the podium is the highlight of their career. It takes a lot of hard work to realize this dream and only very few make it. Those that do often have to give a great deal of credit to their trainer.

The Tokyo Olympics

The next big Olympic event on the horizon is the Tokyo Olympics. Every athlete, trainer, family, and fans have their own expectations as to who is going to win the Gold. There are several top-notch athletes from Canada that could be in this category and here is just one example.

Kyle Masse

This amazing youth swimmer already is an amazing athlete in her chosen sport. Her expertise lies in the backstroke and she is already a two-time world winner when it comes to 100-meter backstroke. She has earned the title of being Canada’s top female swimmer.

Her Achievements

Kyle comes from LaSalle Ontario in Canada and she is only 23 years old. To date, she has been very successful as an athlete with a first like winning the back-to-back championships for the world, bringing in the gold medals twice. She has never lost a major 100-meter backstroke event since the Rio 2016 Olympics when she brought home the bronze medal for this event.

Byron MacDonald

He is the University of Toronto’s varsity swim coach and he is no stranger to seeing athletes from U of T go onto the Olympics. He has been the coach here for 42 years. Byron sees something different in Kyle. He says her approach is steady and low-keyed and he believes that this is what is leading her to the results that she has been achieving. Her consistency is rare even among the older athletes.