Sports in Canadian Schools

Sports are becoming more and more popular and various schools are looking into various disciplines. From universities and colleges all the way down to elementary and high schools.

Government Involvement

The government is now putting emphasis on sports for many reasons. The biggest is that kids are becoming more active and learning to play in a team environment. These are life skills as well as the physical skills they need to succeed in life.

Team Environment

In most cases, you will end up working in a team environment whether its your job in the future or a career in professional sports. Sports teach kids how to share and interact along with many other traits that involve promoting good health both physically and mentally.

An Outlet

Sports can be an outlet for so many kids both male and female and it has so many pros to being active and joining sports.


Sports teach respect and give you so many options. It could be a scholarship so you don’t have to pay for school like in college or university.

Your ability in that field or sport could pay for your tuition or a percentage of it so you can go and chase your dream of becoming a lawyer or doctor and not have the burden of being in debt to go to school.

Giving Back

There’s also the opportunity for giving back to the community to volunteer your time to help teach kids or adults how to play the sport and get involved.

We all remember that coach or volunteer who made us fall in love with the sport because of his or her passion or commitment to the sport. There are so many routes you can go with sports.

It’s nice to see the government and school boards giving incentives and putting money into sports.