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Klopp: today, when we end the 30-year wait, we will experience something special

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp shared his expectations before handing the team the Championship Cup.

“Yes, the game [with Chelsea»] will, as always, in the first place. All our attention will be focused on this. Of course, we are responsible to our competitors, but also to ourselves. We have enjoyed a great season and it is important that we finish it in a way that matches the level of our achievements.

I usually had to use a lot of words to get my message across to the team. Today I can limit myself to just one word: “thank you.” Thank you to the most incredible football team.

Know that today, when we end the 30-year wait, we will all experience something special, and we will live this moment together. In any case, this is the true beauty of our game and our club. This is our moment. We deserve it. So take care of this feeling, ” Klopp is quoted as saying on the official Liverpool website.

Klopp: the moment when Liverpool get the trophy will be one of the most important in history

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp commented on the achievement of his team, which won the English championship seven rounds before it was completed.

“I always thought that it is better to win the championship ahead of schedule than to reach the final of the Champions League, where everything is decided in one special moment – all or nothing. And so we won the Premier League with seven rounds to go, which is absolutely unbelievable. I think the moment when we get the trophy will be one of the most important in the history of football.

If someone suggested choosing any country and team in it to become a champion, I think I would choose Liverpool, because many people would like to be part of this team. But we were lucky to be it, ” Klopp is quoted as saying by the Guardian.

Jose Mourinho: Tottenham need to fight for points, with or without the fans»

Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho shared his thoughts after the friendly match with Norwich (1: 2).

The Londoners played at their home stadium with empty stands.

«Good workout. We needed game practice. We had to feel what it was like to play without our fans. The best way is to practice with another team in the Premier League.

We need to adapt to the new reality, which we tried to do when we felt the game without an audience. We need to fight for points, with or without the fans.

Points are earned on the pitch, and we will have to fight for them against Manchester United, ” said Mourinho.

Ilya Gerkus: “Mourinho wanted Dzyuba to Tottenham, I know for sure»

Former CEO of Lokomotiv Ilya gerkus commented on the information that Tottenham were interested in Zenit forward Artem Dzyuba.

  • Dzyuba and Europe. There were rumors about Tottenham.

– I know it’s not nonsense. I know his agent – the man who did it. I know that Mourinho wanted it. And I know it for sure.

Mourinho knows who Dzyuba is. He worked out the world Cup in Russia as a commentator for Russia Today and discussed the Russian national team, among other things. I think he knows the Russian national team very well.

– What did Mourinho think about Dzyuba?

– I know he wanted it. I do not know the details and what exactly he said, but this option was, it’s true.

– Why do you think he is in Mourinho‘s team?

  • Score goals, win games. Dzyuba would have scored 10 goals for the season, everyone would have been happy.

– What went wrong?”

– It was necessary “to Zenith”. Zenit wants to win titles. The club has one star, but they want two. How about without Juba? No way. I would also doubt – we need such a player ourselves – ” said Herkus.

Guardiola’s mother died of a coronavirus. She was 82 years old

The mother of Manchester city Manager Pep Guardiola has died.

According to the club, Dolores Sala Carrio died in a suburb of Barcelona from a coronavirus. She was 82 years old.

“Everyone associated with the club sends their most heartfelt condolences at this sad time to Pepe, His family and all their friends, “city said in a statement.

Earlier, Guardiola donated a million euros to a Catalan hospital to fight the coronavirus.

Pizarro: “Guardiola impresses with his analytical work»

The Peruvian admires the “Bald charlatan”.

Pizarro: “Guardiola impresses with his analytical work»Werder’s forward Claudio Pizarro shared his opinion on the coaching work of Jose Mourinho and Josep Guardiola.

“Unfortunately, I only managed to work with Mourinho for three months, but during that time I was able to see how good he is as a coach and how much he supports the players.

Guardiola impresses with his analytical work. He knows every detail of which players he can count on and how to use them at the right time.

PEP has expanded my horizons, he has a completely different vision of football than other coaches. He is always superior to his opponents in terms of thinking and tactics. PEP is the best coach I’ve worked with,” Pizarro said.

Guardiola wants to see Bonucci at Manchester city

Manchester City Manager Josep Guardiola is interested in the transfer of Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci. This is reported by Calciomercato.

According to a source, the coach of the” citizens ” wants to strengthen the line of defense in the summer transfer window, and therefore is interested in the transfer of Bonucci.

Bonucci made his Italian League debut in 2005 with inter. Two years later, he left the Milan club and subsequently played for Treviso, Pisa and Bari, before joining Juventus in 2010. In the 2017/2018 season, Leonardo defended the colors of Milan, after which he returned to the Bianconeri camp. In November 2019, the 32-year-old extended his contract with the club until 2024.

Bonucci has played 34 games for Juventus this season and scored 4 goals. According to the Transfermarkt portal, the cost of the defender is 25 million rubles.

Who is the best young Manchester United player of the season?

When Jose Mourinho first moved to Scott Machimina in the first team “Manchester United”, the instructions were basic and simple. Maintain possession with 8-yard passes, hold your position at the base of the midfield, provide security and stability to the team in a state of constant movement and different phases of attack.

For a player whose style is largely based on dynamics and stamina – both attacking and defending – such individual demands seemed alien. And Scott tried to find support in the family, where he was advised to do as Mourinho wanted. He had to win the trust of the Manager and win his basic credentials before showing his other though stronger sides.

And this was at a time when Mourinho was looking for a reliable player.It was then that he turned his attention to United’s young talent to solve his problem, which later gave rise to the opinion that Mctominay is a simple optional footballer.

Two years later, we see how effective Scotty can be when he is allowed not only to be a soldier on the field, but given complete freedom in contrast to the era of Jose. As you can see from the messages on his Instagram account during the pandemic and self-isolation, he is able to travel 5 km in 17 minutes with minimal expenditure of energy and effort.On the field, this stamina turns into a workable midfielder whose energy can charge teammates.

His five goals are evidence that he can combine actions on the field to move the ball forward with sharp actions near the goal. His last goal at the moment is a precise Curling shot from an incredible distance against Manchester city in the Derby, perhaps the goal seems to be Ederson’s mistake to a greater extent, but for such a completion, at least the player needs courage and good technical talent, which was performed by Scotty. It created a euphoria that hadn’t been there for years at old Trafford, and was accompanied by a mad celebration in the form of a knee-slithering tight muscle that seemed ready to burst, sending fans in the stands and everyone watching the match around the world into ecstasy.

Scotty missed two months of the current season, playing 27 of United’s 47 games, but even that is enough to be the virtual trophy favorite for the club’s best under-23 player. Scotty accelerated his recovery from the injury and returned from the infirmary twice as quickly from the initial prognosis of treatment for an ankle injury sustained in the match against Newcastle at Boxing day.

Aaron van Bissaka is also noteworthy, and there are those who would say with good reason that the 22-year-old should be recognized for an outstanding debut season at United, especially given his work to improve the attacking aspects of his game in recent matches. He worked diligently and followed all the instructions at Carrington to show that he can do more than just stop opponents, but also what he can give to the attack.

For hard work and working on long-range shots in training, which was reflected in the goals scored against city, Arsenal, Norwich and Club Brugge. For his unwavering loyalty to United. For being an example for teammates, to motivate them to play for the club . Showing by personal example that faith and loyalty are the fundamental principles of any great team.

Is Pep Guardiola lucky to lead strong teams in his career? (Part 2)

In the center of the defense, Pep brought John Stones and Aymeric Laporte, the excellent central midfielders. In particular, the deal with Laporte really worth “money for rice bowl”. Pep confirmed the French center-back deserves a price of 57 million pounds.

Most teams attack or counterattack based on the speed of the wingers. In Man City, Laporte plays an important role in speeding the ball forward. The reason given by Pep is that Laporte is left-footed. He always observes and pays attention to every detail to build the football of his will effectively.

“It is important that Laporte is left-footed. When he receives the ball from the right wing, he immediately turns and turns to the left, giving the ball to Leroy Sane. In this position, Laporte will deploy the ball faster than the right footed player.

Pep Guardiola - thien tai hay ke an may hinh anh 2 pep.jpeg

If the ball goes into the middle, he can coordinate with Riyad Mahrez. Laporte helps Man City have 2 faster deployment plans. The important thing is that City must have left-back center-left, “Pep said in October 2018.

Dark art

In addition, Pep also calculated the error. A central midfielder who receives a yellow card is safer than the defensive players. When facing Man City, you will face foul situations from the middle of the field that experts call tactical foul.

According to Opta, Man City stand 2 and 3 in the percentage of tactical errors in the 2 seasons of 2019/20, 2017/18. Currently, the team leading this stat is Arsenal, the team that just appointed Arteta as the head coach in December 2019.

Gary Neville, a former Man United player, once criticized Pep for applying tactical fouls, but Pep has his own reasons. When the team has more control and attacks, they face the risk of more counterattack. And making tactical mistakes is part of helping them win from stopping goals.

Pep Guardiola - thien tai hay ke an may hinh anh 4 fernandinho.jpeg

Unlike Neville, the Telegraph appreciated the tactical error from Man City when Fernandinho gave the beautiful phrase: “The pinnacle of dark art”. The Brazilian midfielder plays an extremely important role in the squad that Pep built. He is the person with the most tactical fouls in the City team.



Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer just had talks about the former coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho while his team, MU has been really taken off with flying colors recently. This team has been undefeatable during 11 successive matches in all championships and tournaments, which surprised every football fan. 

MU has officially had a ”gold ticket” to enter the Europa League quarter-final after scoring 5-0 against LASK, even though they had to be the guest team on Austria pitch. “Red Evil” is getting stronger after 11 successive defeats. The most memorable victory for MU among 11 matches is its success over Man City with the final score of 2-0 on Old Trafford within this year’s Premier League season. 

According to the Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, ”special coach” Mourinho has left him with a mess in MU when he was fired in December 2018. However, also thanks to several former players since ”Mourinho” time, along with newbie players that Solsa has brought to MU such as Harry Maguire, Aaron Want-Bussake, Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo, 

MU’s performances are at its high peak throughout history. 

Since taking over MU for Mourinho since December 2018, Solskjaer has canceled 9 playing contracts and signed 4 new transformation ones with other players. 

It is considered to be a revolution for Manchester United’s formation. 

”I always had felt that this team (Manchester United) needs to make changes.” Solskjaer said. ”We have signed new contracts with 4 new players, lost quite a lot of previous good players, formed a new football team with quite a lot of young players. I know that these changes can bring back effectiveness and revolutionary differences.”

”I believe that we are making movements and we are not lost out of the track. Manchester United’s performances are getting better than ever before.”

Is Pep Guardiola lucky to lead strong teams in his career? (Part 1)

Many people think that coach Pep Guardiola is lucky to lead strong teams in his career. However, to have that “luck”, he must be a person with real talent.

On March 1, Man City won the English League Cup after winning 3-1 against Aston Villa in the final. This is the 29th time Pep Guardiola has won the title after 11 years of participating in coaching.

Pep spent 625 official matches with 3 clubs Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, and Man City. The Spaniard lost an average of 21.5 matches to win a title. He is one of the coaches who need the fewest matches to win a title in football history. Pep is a true genius with the calculations in how to build the game.

Pep Guardiola - thien tai hay ke an may hinh anh 2 pep.jpeg

Absolute control

In the summer of 2016, Pep officially left Bayern Munich to take over as the head coach at Man City. At that time, Joe Hart was the captain and goalkeeper of the Etihad Stadium. He was also the main catcher in England’s goal in EURO 2016. In the Premier League, Hart is also one of the top goalkeepers.

However, Pep does not want to use Hart because the English goalkeeper does not play well. He prefers absolute ball control and short passes from the home court are the foundation. With Pep, a long ball to the top up the risk of losing the ball. When Pep was leading Barca or Bayern Munich, he had good goalkeepers like Victor Valdes, Jose Pinto and Manuel Neuer.

Pep Guardiola - thien tai hay ke an may hinh anh 4 fernandinho.jpeg

He then brought in Claudio Bravo and Ederson Moraes, virtuosity goalkeepers. With Ederson, Man City can deploy the ball in a unique way. Pep directed the two central defenders deep back to attract the opponent striker. At that time, the two full-backs of Man City surged and waited for the correct pass from Ederson. The Brazilian goalkeeper can also pass a short pass to the central midfielder who has retreated. He always gives quality passes.

Ederson is always confident with the ability to handle his feet. He thinks that he can play well in midfield. He used to create assists from the home side to Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling to score.

Top Highest paid Football Coach in the world (Part 2)

  1. Fabio Cannavaro – £ 12 million

Fabio Cannavaro is a soccer coach in the Chinese Federation. His coaching career is not as famous as when he played as a defender. However, Fabio Cannavaro still has this list with a salary of 12 million pounds or the equivalent of Rp 217 billion. The 2006 World Cup champion season is now training for Guangzhou Evergrande.

Fabio Cannavaro

  1. Zinedine Zidane – £ 12 million

Zinedine Zidane was called by fans as “Zizou”. Zinedine Zidane has been successful in winning three consecutive Champions League titles with Real Madrid. In the second phase of El Real training, Zidane received an income of 12 million pounds.

  1. Antonio Conte – £ 11 million

Inter Milan have properly recruited Antonio Conte as the new coach this season and paid him £ 11 million (Rp 199 billion). The Nerazzurri are currently competing with Juventus in the hunt for Scudetto. Conte won the championship with Juventus and Chelsea. The team he coached often played with determination until the end of the battle.

  1. Thomas Tuchel – £ 9 million

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) pays Thomas Tuchel an amount of nine million pounds or about Rp 163 billion annually. Tuchel, 46, is a former Borussia Dortmund coach, who was appointed to replace Jurgen Klopp in the 2015 season and train Dortmund until the 2017 season.

  1. Ernesto Valverde – £ 9 million

Barcelona coach’s annual income is equivalent to Tuchel, £ 9 million, equivalent to Rp 163 billion per year. Valverde has been training Barcelona since 2017. But for now, his performance continues to be watched due to the team’s decline in performance.

  1. Jurgen Klopp – £ 8 million

Jurgen Klopp is a former coach of Borussia Dortmund. Currently a Liverpool club manager, he is known for his attacking swashbuckling style.

The champion defends the Champions League 2018/19 and is the challenger for the 2019 – 2020 Premier League champions. But, Jurgen Klopp currently ranks last in the list of the world’s highest-paid managers. The manager from Germany received £ 8 million, or about Rp 145 billion.


Along with the rapid development of high technology, sports trainers now truly have more possibility of improving and pushing themselves to new limits. David Nurse, who is a renowned basketball trainer in NBA, has recently shared about his training method, namely “Players coming from future”. This method is applied to change players’ daily routine habits and ultimate their health constitution.

David Nurse, a grandson of Nick Nurse- Toronto Raptors Coach, is now a trainer for NBA players. He used to take part in professional basketball tournaments in Spanish, Greek, and Australia. However, his career just only took off until he decides to be a basketball trainer. 

Nurse said skills and performances are just the tips of an iceberg. All the daily routines and habits of players truly have a huge impact on what they can achieve. 

Nurse’s method focuses on 4 factors: sleep, nutrition, recovery and psycho training.


After researching and consulting top sleeping professionals, including Patrick Byrne – Cristiano Ronaldo’s consultant, Nurse drew a conclusion that sleeping is a key factor in maintaining health. After 3-4 years of experiencing himself, Nurse builds a perfect sleeping routine. He used an appliance called ChiliPad installed on his own bed. It helped to adjust the bed’s temperature to the most comfortable condition for sleeping. He also advises players not to let their stomach empty or interact with blue light from smartphones or laptops at least 2 hours before sleeping. 


Nurse gives advice that players should take priority for natural ingredients and cut down on sweet foods or refined carbs.


To Nurse, pain or injuries should be treated carefully, not just by massage or yoga, but with highly effective technology appliances. Therefore, he has built a modern recovery center called Upgrade Labs. According to him, patients can be recovered from 3 to 5 times as quickly as in the normal lab.

Mental and emotional release

Nurse has always tried to create close bonds with his partners or players. He usually motivates players and propels them to confidence. He has been always ready to take long flights to meet and talk with his players if they get into trouble.

Top Highest paid Football Coaches in the world

The coach or manager plays an important role in every team activity in the match. Playable or poor teams depend on the tactics or approaches brought by their tactical collectors.

Some clubs are willing to spend money to get the manager or coach they want, paying them a big salary. Here are the best-paid football coaches in the world to lead the team to glory.

  1. Pep Guardiola – £ 23 million

The former coach of Barcelona and Bayern Munich is currently the highest paid coach in the world. Catalan Guardiola from Barcelona in Spain. He trained famous football stars such as Lionel Messo, Xavi, Puyol, Eto, Iniesta, Pedro, Ribery, etc. Pep Guardiola is one of the experienced football coaches, the father of Tiki Taka tactics.

12 years as a coach, Pep Guardiola has won a series of trophies by playing attacking and entertaining. The philosophy he applied was successfully played in Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Guardiola, currently training Man City, is paid £ 23 million annually (about Rp 417 billion).

Pep Guardiola

  1. Jose Mourinho – £ 17.5 million

Newly appointed coach of Tottenham Hotspur. He used to be the former coach of Chelsea, Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United. Jose Mourinho is second in the top paid coaches in the world. With a salary of 17.5 million pounds or approximately 317 billion Rp. The football coach also has a large collection of trophies won by top European teams, but his football philosophy is the complete opposite of Guardiola.

  1. Diego Simeone – £ 15 million

The 49-year-old coach has been coaching Atletico Madrid from 2011 to the present. He recently signed a contract to continue to lead the club until 2022. Diego Simeone, who used to join the Racing Club and River Plate, earns £ 15 million or Rp 271 billion.

  1. Rafael Benitez – £ 13.5 million

The manager of Liverpool and Newcastle, it is not surprising that he is on the list of the highest-paid coaches in the world 2019. Chinese club, Dalian Yifang, spent up to 13.5 million pounds or about 244 billion Rp to get the tactics of Rafael Benitez. The 59-year-old coach has coached big clubs in Europe and won the Champions League titles (2004/05 with Liverpool) and the Europa League (2012/13 with Chelsea).