Kurt Browning is one of the most legendary coaches in Canada, who is a figure skater, choreographer and recently, a commentator. He was born on the 18th of June, 1966 in the countryside of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. 


Kurt Browning made the history when he earned the titles of both Canadian figures skating champion and World champion four times. During the period from 1989 to 1994, he was Canadian representatives in three Winter Olympics and successively won in high ranks. In 1988, he was ranked 8th overall, then 6th in 1992 finally 5th in 1994. His skating career at that time truly took off with a lot of titles and championship. During the opening ceremony of Lillehammer 1994 games, Kurt Browning proudly undertook the mission of carrying the Canadian flag. Apart from those, he also earned other remarkable titles such as three Canadian Professional Championships and three World Professional Championships. 


Apart from those accomplishments, it should be reckless to mention Kurt Browning without his legendary quadruple jump, a toe loop in 1988. This jump was later recorded in Guinness Book of Records and upgrade Canadian skating to another high level. The quadruple jump was supposed to be recorded by Jozef Sabovčík in 1986, however, his jump was unrecognized 3 weeks later due to technical fault. Therefore, Kurt Browning became the first one to land this difficult jump worldwide. He then confided: “I remember that there were a few people landing the jump (in practice) long before I did, and by watching them I was inspired to try it myself. After landing it, I certainly expected more skaters to start doing it in competition. I was surprised in the next few years when that really did not happen.” As an outstanding talented skater, Kurt Browning is also highly appraised for being patient, hardworking and never giving things up easily.