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Jose Mourinho: Tottenham need to fight for points, with or without the fans»

Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho shared his thoughts after the friendly match with Norwich (1: 2).

The Londoners played at their home stadium with empty stands.

«Good workout. We needed game practice. We had to feel what it was like to play without our fans. The best way is to practice with another team in the Premier League.

We need to adapt to the new reality, which we tried to do when we felt the game without an audience. We need to fight for points, with or without the fans.

Points are earned on the pitch, and we will have to fight for them against Manchester United, ” said Mourinho.

Ilya Gerkus: “Mourinho wanted Dzyuba to Tottenham, I know for sure»

Former CEO of Lokomotiv Ilya gerkus commented on the information that Tottenham were interested in Zenit forward Artem Dzyuba.

  • Dzyuba and Europe. There were rumors about Tottenham.

– I know it’s not nonsense. I know his agent – the man who did it. I know that Mourinho wanted it. And I know it for sure.

Mourinho knows who Dzyuba is. He worked out the world Cup in Russia as a commentator for Russia Today and discussed the Russian national team, among other things. I think he knows the Russian national team very well.

– What did Mourinho think about Dzyuba?

– I know he wanted it. I do not know the details and what exactly he said, but this option was, it’s true.

– Why do you think he is in Mourinho‘s team?

  • Score goals, win games. Dzyuba would have scored 10 goals for the season, everyone would have been happy.

– What went wrong?”

– It was necessary “to Zenith”. Zenit wants to win titles. The club has one star, but they want two. How about without Juba? No way. I would also doubt – we need such a player ourselves – ” said Herkus.

Who is the best young Manchester United player of the season?

When Jose Mourinho first moved to Scott Machimina in the first team “Manchester United”, the instructions were basic and simple. Maintain possession with 8-yard passes, hold your position at the base of the midfield, provide security and stability to the team in a state of constant movement and different phases of attack.

For a player whose style is largely based on dynamics and stamina – both attacking and defending – such individual demands seemed alien. And Scott tried to find support in the family, where he was advised to do as Mourinho wanted. He had to win the trust of the Manager and win his basic credentials before showing his other though stronger sides.

And this was at a time when Mourinho was looking for a reliable player.It was then that he turned his attention to United’s young talent to solve his problem, which later gave rise to the opinion that Mctominay is a simple optional footballer.

Two years later, we see how effective Scotty can be when he is allowed not only to be a soldier on the field, but given complete freedom in contrast to the era of Jose. As you can see from the messages on his Instagram account during the pandemic and self-isolation, he is able to travel 5 km in 17 minutes with minimal expenditure of energy and effort.On the field, this stamina turns into a workable midfielder whose energy can charge teammates.

His five goals are evidence that he can combine actions on the field to move the ball forward with sharp actions near the goal. His last goal at the moment is a precise Curling shot from an incredible distance against Manchester city in the Derby, perhaps the goal seems to be Ederson’s mistake to a greater extent, but for such a completion, at least the player needs courage and good technical talent, which was performed by Scotty. It created a euphoria that hadn’t been there for years at old Trafford, and was accompanied by a mad celebration in the form of a knee-slithering tight muscle that seemed ready to burst, sending fans in the stands and everyone watching the match around the world into ecstasy.

Scotty missed two months of the current season, playing 27 of United’s 47 games, but even that is enough to be the virtual trophy favorite for the club’s best under-23 player. Scotty accelerated his recovery from the injury and returned from the infirmary twice as quickly from the initial prognosis of treatment for an ankle injury sustained in the match against Newcastle at Boxing day.

Aaron van Bissaka is also noteworthy, and there are those who would say with good reason that the 22-year-old should be recognized for an outstanding debut season at United, especially given his work to improve the attacking aspects of his game in recent matches. He worked diligently and followed all the instructions at Carrington to show that he can do more than just stop opponents, but also what he can give to the attack.

For hard work and working on long-range shots in training, which was reflected in the goals scored against city, Arsenal, Norwich and Club Brugge. For his unwavering loyalty to United. For being an example for teammates, to motivate them to play for the club . Showing by personal example that faith and loyalty are the fundamental principles of any great team.