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Klopp named the timing of the restoration of Diogo Jota

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp revealed how long it will take for striker Diogo Jota to recover from a knee injury.
“Everything is worse than we initially thought, but better than we thought later. The operation will not be required, but he will miss from 1.5 to 2 months,” the official website of the Reds quotes Klopp.
Zhota has played 17 matches for Liverpool this season and scored 9 goals.
The club bought the Portuguese striker in September from Wolverhampton for 44.7 million euros.

Liverpool head coach Klopp reacted to the draw with Fulham

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp reacted to the draw with Fulham in the 12th round of the English Premier League (Premier League). It is reported by “BBC”. According to him, the starting segment of the game was frankly unsuccessful for the Merseysiders. “In the first half hour, we were just bad. We could have missed more in this segment. But in the second half they seized the initiative and leveled the situation. Everyone here is people, and it happens. Yesterday it was not easy for all the teams participating in the Champions League, ”said the German specialist.

Klopp: “We could have lost the game in the first 30 minutes”

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp summed up the match against Fulham (1: 1) in the twelfth round of the English Premier League.
“In the first 30 minutes, we played just badly. We could have lost the game at that time. Then we started to play much better. We spent the second half at a high level and could score many more goals.
Failures can happen because people play football. You could see that yesterday all the teams that played in the Champions League had problems, ”the German BBC specialist quotes.

Jurgen Klopp: The first half hour of the meeting with Fulham, we looked frankly weak

The head coach of Liverpool commented on the draw in the match with Fulham (1: 1).

  • The first 30 minutes of the match, we looked frankly weak. They could have lost the game at that time. If you look at the results we saw yesterday for all the teams that have played in the Champions League, this weekend has fallen on hard times. In all leagues. This is madness.
    Matip has a spasm. We’ll see. He passed the examination, will be treated, I think, on Wednesday everything will be all right. The situation is as it is, I really hope that Joel will be okay, but I don’t know. We will have to find a solution, this is the football season, – quotes the words of Klopp Sky Sports.
    We add that after this game Liverpool scored 25 points and took the second place in the Premier League standings. In the next round, Lersisides will play against Tottenham at home.

Jurgen Klopp: After leaving Liverpool, I will not immediately lead another club

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he plans to take a break from his career after leaving the Merseyside club.

“I am often asked about my plans. But I’ve never heard that question asked of Guardiola, even though his contract expires in a year. My contract is still valid for four years. In football, it’s an eternity. Probably in four years I will think about whether to renew the contract or not. If the contract is not renewed, I will take a break in my career. After leaving the “Liverpool“ I won’t be heading another club right away. I’ll take a year off, ” Goal quoted Klopp as saying, referring to the Leeroy will’s wissen channel! on YouTube.

Klopp, 53, has been coaching Liverpool since 2015. Under his leadership, the club became the champion of England and won the Champions League.

Gary Neville: Man UTD will be Champions again. Perhaps when Klopp and Guardiola leave

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has shared his opinion on the red devils ‘ prospects in the fight for the English title in the coming years.

“The only thing I can guarantee is that Manchester United will be Champions again. It may not happen this season or next. But it will be great when it happens. The longer the wait, the better the feeling of triumph.

I’m not talking like a United fan and I’m not saying we should win this season. Yes, I would like to, but you usually feel it when it’s your time. Now this feeling is not there. Perhaps United will become Champions, Klopp and Guardiola will leave Liverpool and city. I hope this will happen within a few years. This will be a chance, because they are both outstanding coaches who have built great teams. But they will be gone in a year, two or three. This will be the moment when United can come back. I’m sure Chelsea think the same of themselves,” Neville was quoted as saying by the Mirror.

Klopp asked not to blame the loss to Arsenal for Brewster not scoring a penalty

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp commented on the defeat in the match against Arsenal for the FA super Cup.

“The fact that Rian didn’t score a penalty won’t hurt him. If anyone is to blame for his blunder, it’s me. I wanted him to break through, because he’s a real finisher, he’s confident. I didn’t get it today. It happens in life and in football.

We all need to learn and prove that we can cope with defeats. If he scored and someone didn’t, it would be the same. Anyone can miss. I’ve never seen Rian smear from a point, but it happens, ” Klopp was quoted as saying by Goal.

In the match for the FA super Cup, Arsenal beat Liverpool. The match was held at Wembley stadium in London and ended with the score 1: 1 (5: 4 in a penalty shootout). The only unrealized 11-meter shot was scored by Rian Brewster. Arsenal won the trophy for the 16th time in their history.

Jurgen Klopp shared his expectations for the new season

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp commented on the club’s victory in the English Premier League and spoke about preparing for the new season.

“Every year it becomes more difficult to win the title. Was it easy last year? Definitely not. Sometimes it seemed that way, but it looked that way because we were a machine for getting results. We had to fight in every match.

We know that we are going to have a difficult season. It will be difficult not because we became Champions last year, but simply because the development of football never stops.

It’s amazing what people think: “Yes, you can win once, but then you can’t.” I don’t think so. I am 53 years old and have been in the profession for 20 years. There was always a desire, even if I couldn’t always fulfill it. Nothing will change in this regard, ” Klopp is quoted as saying by the Telegraph.

On August 29, Liverpool and Arsenal will play the FA super Cup.

Top Highest paid Football Coach in the world (Part 2)

  1. Fabio Cannavaro – £ 12 million

Fabio Cannavaro is a soccer coach in the Chinese Federation. His coaching career is not as famous as when he played as a defender. However, Fabio Cannavaro still has this list with a salary of 12 million pounds or the equivalent of Rp 217 billion. The 2006 World Cup champion season is now training for Guangzhou Evergrande.

Fabio Cannavaro

  1. Zinedine Zidane – £ 12 million

Zinedine Zidane was called by fans as “Zizou”. Zinedine Zidane has been successful in winning three consecutive Champions League titles with Real Madrid. In the second phase of El Real training, Zidane received an income of 12 million pounds.

  1. Antonio Conte – £ 11 million

Inter Milan have properly recruited Antonio Conte as the new coach this season and paid him £ 11 million (Rp 199 billion). The Nerazzurri are currently competing with Juventus in the hunt for Scudetto. Conte won the championship with Juventus and Chelsea. The team he coached often played with determination until the end of the battle.

  1. Thomas Tuchel – £ 9 million

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) pays Thomas Tuchel an amount of nine million pounds or about Rp 163 billion annually. Tuchel, 46, is a former Borussia Dortmund coach, who was appointed to replace Jurgen Klopp in the 2015 season and train Dortmund until the 2017 season.

  1. Ernesto Valverde – £ 9 million

Barcelona coach’s annual income is equivalent to Tuchel, £ 9 million, equivalent to Rp 163 billion per year. Valverde has been training Barcelona since 2017. But for now, his performance continues to be watched due to the team’s decline in performance.

  1. Jurgen Klopp – £ 8 million

Jurgen Klopp is a former coach of Borussia Dortmund. Currently a Liverpool club manager, he is known for his attacking swashbuckling style.

The champion defends the Champions League 2018/19 and is the challenger for the 2019 – 2020 Premier League champions. But, Jurgen Klopp currently ranks last in the list of the world’s highest-paid managers. The manager from Germany received £ 8 million, or about Rp 145 billion.