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Klopp: today, when we end the 30-year wait, we will experience something special

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp shared his expectations before handing the team the Championship Cup.

“Yes, the game [with Chelsea»] will, as always, in the first place. All our attention will be focused on this. Of course, we are responsible to our competitors, but also to ourselves. We have enjoyed a great season and it is important that we finish it in a way that matches the level of our achievements.

I usually had to use a lot of words to get my message across to the team. Today I can limit myself to just one word: “thank you.” Thank you to the most incredible football team.

Know that today, when we end the 30-year wait, we will all experience something special, and we will live this moment together. In any case, this is the true beauty of our game and our club. This is our moment. We deserve it. So take care of this feeling, ” Klopp is quoted as saying on the official Liverpool website.

Klopp: the moment when Liverpool get the trophy will be one of the most important in history

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp commented on the achievement of his team, which won the English championship seven rounds before it was completed.

“I always thought that it is better to win the championship ahead of schedule than to reach the final of the Champions League, where everything is decided in one special moment – all or nothing. And so we won the Premier League with seven rounds to go, which is absolutely unbelievable. I think the moment when we get the trophy will be one of the most important in the history of football.

If someone suggested choosing any country and team in it to become a champion, I think I would choose Liverpool, because many people would like to be part of this team. But we were lucky to be it, ” Klopp is quoted as saying by the Guardian.