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Guardiola shares his expectations for Manchester City’s upcoming game with Manchester United

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola shared his expectations for the upcoming match with Manchester United in the Premier League.

“I’m pretty sure that in this derby we will focus and do our best. The players are not tired, quite the opposite. We are better than we were a month ago. With no time to prepare, given what happened, that’s okay. The important thing is that we are not far from the top of the Premier League and have already qualified for the next round of the Champions League, ”Guardiola Goal quotes.

The Premier League Matchday 12 match between Manchester United and Manchester City will take place at Old Trafford Stadium on 12 December.

At the moment, Manchester City is ranked sixth in the standings with 18 points. Manchester United (19) are in fifth place.

Josep Guardiola has 700 career appearances as a coach

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola has played his 700th career game as a coach. This happened in the home match of the 11th round of the English Premier League with Fulham (2: 0).

According to Marca, Guardiola’s teams have 507 wins, 111 draws and 82 losses in these seven hundred matches. In these meetings, his teams scored 1,766 goals, and also got the ball out of their own goal 573 times.

In addition, during his career, the Catalan specialist coached the Spanish Barcelona B and Barcelona, ​​as well as Bayern Munich.

Josep Guardiola’s wards scored 19 points and climbed to fourth place in the English Premier League standings. “Summer residents” (7) – in 17th place.

In the next round, the Citizens will play at Old Trafford with Manchester United. The match will take place on December 12.

Guardiola: there will be a long season. Everyone can beat everyone

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola commented on the Citizens’ victory in the Premier League 11th round match against Fulham (2: 0).

“At the beginning of the season, for many reasons, we did not show our game. Now we do not miss four matches in a row. It is very important to keep up the good work.

The attackers were wasteful today. We know that we must improve the situation. But it is equally important to keep creating chances for goals. In the last 20 minutes we have lost too many balls in simple situations, which is also a problem. We should be better at doing simple things.

This season, it seems, there will be a lot of teams that will fight for the highest places to the last. Everyone can beat everyone. It was important to get out of the Champions League group this month. We will now focus on the Premier League. It will be a long season, “- quotes the words of the Spanish BBC specialist.

Guardiola: I’m not going to say Manchester City doesn’t need Aguero

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola spoke about the recovery of Citizens’ striker Sergio Aguero after a long injury.

“I’m not going to say that we don’t need Aguero. An important player for Manchester City. But Sergio is already 32 years old, he was absent for five months due to a serious injury. He came back, played 50 or 55 minutes and got injured again. We want to see him as early as possible on the field. I really want this, but you need to make sure that Sergio is in shape.

We have to be careful to make sure he doesn’t get hurt immediately upon his return. We all need to catch the right moment to release it on the field again. I hope this will happen soon and he will be able to keep himself in shape to play a large number of matches ”, – quotes the words of the Spaniard Sky Sports.

This season, Sergio Aguero played two matches in the English Premier League, in which he did not score with effective actions. He has one goal in one Champions League match.

The Argentinean’s contract with the “townspeople” ends on June 30, 2021. Transfermarkt estimates Aguero at € 42 million.

Kunde: I spoke with Guardiola, I was guaranteed playing time at Manchester City

Sevilla’s French defender Jules Kunde spoke about the failed move to Manchester City.

“I talked to Pep Guardiola. We spoke in Spanish and everything went well. I was interested in the transition. I was guaranteed playing time. But the transfer did not take place, ”beIN Sports quotes Kunde.

It was reported that Sevilla rejected an offer from Manchester City to transfer a defender for € 55 million. The Spanish club is ready to part with the 21-year-old only if it receives an offer of € 90 million.

Sevilla acquired Kunde in 2019, paying Bordeaux € 25 million. In the 2019/2020 season, the defender played 40 games, scored two goals and provided an assist. As part of Sevilla, Kunde is the winner of the 2019/2020 Europa League. The current contract of the French footballer with Sevilla runs until 2024.

Flick won 15 of the first 18 games with Bayern in the Bundesliga, repeating Guardiola’s record

Bayern defeated Borussia Dortmund (1-0) in the 28th round of the Bundesliga. For the club from Munich, this victory was the 15th in 18 League matches since the team was led by Hans-Dieter flick.

The only Bayern coach who has managed this before is PEP Guardiola, who now works at Manchester city.

Arjen Robben: “For me, Guardiola is the best coach in the world. We were on the same wavelength»

Former Bayern midfielder Arjen Robben has spoken highly of Manchester city Manager PEP Guardiola.

“I am a big fan of Guardiola. I love attacking football, and PEP is a master at it. He is focused on attacking and full control of the ball. At every training session, we worked with the ball.

Of course, I liked it. We were on the same page. It’s a shame that we never won the Champions League with him. But injuries, disqualifications or bad decisions by the judges led to the fact that each time everything ended at the semi-final stage.

Thanks to him, I became a better player. For me, PEP is the best coach in the world. In three years with him in Munich, I learned a lot, ” Robben said.

Robben played under Guardiola at Bayern from 2013 to 2016.

Willy Caballero: “Working with Guardiola is like studying at a University. He’s a great teacher»

Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero shared his memories of working with coach PEP Guardiola at Manchester city in the 2016-17 season.

“Working with Guardiola is like studying at a University. I spent one year with him at Manchester city, learning something new every day.

He’s always explaining things to you, whether it’s on the field, watching videos, or at any other time.

He has no problem teaching and explaining everything to a 34-year-old like me, like I’m 18. He is a great teacher, ” Caballero quotes Goal.com with a link to TNT Sports.

Utkin about the best coaches in the world: “I don’t think Ferguson is great, and Guardiola’s football is not romantic».

Journalist Vasily Utkin shared his thoughts about the best coaches in the history of football.

“Who do we think is a great coach? I am afraid that it is impossible for everyone to agree on this issue. Look at the top ten FourFourTwo. It has three British coaches. Well, isn’t it related to the fact that the magazine is English? And I don’t mean patriotism at all, I mean that different countries – especially countries with a great, large, long – standing football culture-have developed their own idea of the greatness of coaches.

I don’t think sir Alex Ferguson is a great coach at all. I think his coach is outstanding in every way, but you already know that I am very, very demanding of the word “great”.

Why don’t I think sir Alex is a great coach? Explain to you. Perhaps the first thing that will occur to you is that sir Alex only worked for one team all the time. First of all, this is not true. He also worked at Aberdeen – and the Scottish Aberdeen never showed what it did under sir Alex again. But this is not the point, in principle. This criterion that you need to work in different places, it is in principle very vymorochny. Don’t you understand that sir Alex Ferguson has made a lot of different teams at the same club all the time.

What is important is that different countries have different stereotypes about who a coach is. And in England, of course, it is the coach-Manager, the coach-father. Note that this applies to all coaches – Ferguson, Shankly, and Busby. This English criterion does not distinguish another very important quality of the coach.

In my opinion, a truly great coach can’t exist outside of the greatness of the concept. The coach must have a specific view of the football game. It can change, too, but a great coach, in my understanding, must bring some new idea to the world. Michels meets this requirement, sir Alex Ferguson does not.

This does not mean that I am necessarily right or that you are necessarily right about, say, who to choose from these two symbolic figures. This simply means that there may be different views on the coach’s figure. In this sense, I want to congratulate you: we live in the era of a coach who is certainly great and who will remain in history. This Is PEP Guardiola.

It certainly changes football. We often talk about romantic and pragmatic football, but this is a big exaggeration. Guardiola’s football is not at all romantic, it is wildly pragmatic. He watches his opponent die of thirst. He does not beat it with a sword and shield, but takes the ball – and the opponent can do nothing at all. It is a slow, humiliating death from the inability to resist. What is the romance here?

If I were guided by purely British criteria, I would add Jock Stein, who died in the dressing room after the Scotland team made it to the 1986 world Cup under his leadership. By the way, thanks to this unfortunate event, we saw sir Alex Ferguson at the head of the national team, even for one tournament.

Jock Stein is great with Celtic winning the Champions Cup. This is one of the last victories of the old era, and Stein also expressed himself in the sense that he was successful with a team whose players all grew up in or around Glasgow. This principle that it is cool to achieve success with your students, with the locals, it remains very important for many people to this day.

I honestly wouldn’t put bill Shankly in the top ten. Of the coaches already named, it is the easiest to do without him. Busby is a unique example, which is impossible not to appreciate. It’s not quite coaching example – his team lost, but he has made new again and was able to make it the best in the world, brought to a level which has not finished first, but rather personal, but Busby here.

I don’t want to be very Intrusive with this hassle, that the coach must have his own new concept. Yes, this is very cool, this is the most important thing, without it it is impossible to top such a list. But coaches are different. There is a name today half-forgotten, but this is the type of coach who can work almost anywhere, makes a team from improvised means. This is Ernst Happel, ninth on the list. He was the first ever to win the Champions Cup with two different teams.

Lobanovsky’s place is beyond any doubt. He is probably the head coach from the Eastern bloc in history. On the one hand, he absorbed new ideas – he was a student of Maslov, he was total, and partly totalitarian in terms of implementing a certain concept of the game. But at the same time, he was always very critical of himself. When he came to Dynamo Kiev, he wanted his colleague Basilevich to take the position of head coach with him – that’s how much Lobanovsky valued other people’s opinions.

At the same time, he was a man of his time, and his work and success are inseparable from the realities of the Soviet Union. Comparing Lobanovsky with Beskov (this is a figure of the Happel type), it was often said that Beskov, in order to assemble a strong team, would only need to see 30 people, and Lobanovsky would need 300. It would be simply impossible to do this now – invite anyone. And Lobanovsky had such opportunities in the Soviet Union. This does not belittle his coaching personality, but only shows that he became the first and irrefutable – and now forever – in the society that gave these opportunities. But he is an absolutely great coach.

Ariggo Sacchi is definitely in his place here. I will not dispute whether it is the sixth, third or eighth – it is simply irrelevant. Sacchi invented the pressure in the modern sense of the word in Milan and thus turned the minds of a large number of people in the football world. He is a great coach and has come up with a way of playing that is suitable for a poor team without stars.

The very principle of Sacchi-creating maximum density, maximum resistance to the opponent in a limited area of the field-is applicable both in the team claiming the first place, and in the team claiming a place in the top ten. This idea was the crowning achievement of that era – before the 1994 world Cup-when they talked about the death of football from a goalless drought, when defense was put above attack.