Along with the rapid development of high technology, sports trainers now truly have more possibility of improving and pushing themselves to new limits. David Nurse, who is a renowned basketball trainer in NBA, has recently shared about his training method, namely “Players coming from future”. This method is applied to change players’ daily routine habits and ultimate their health constitution.

David Nurse, a grandson of Nick Nurse- Toronto Raptors Coach, is now a trainer for NBA players. He used to take part in professional basketball tournaments in Spanish, Greek, and Australia. However, his career just only took off until he decides to be a basketball trainer. 

Nurse said skills and performances are just the tips of an iceberg. All the daily routines and habits of players truly have a huge impact on what they can achieve. 

Nurse’s method focuses on 4 factors: sleep, nutrition, recovery and psycho training.


After researching and consulting top sleeping professionals, including Patrick Byrne – Cristiano Ronaldo’s consultant, Nurse drew a conclusion that sleeping is a key factor in maintaining health. After 3-4 years of experiencing himself, Nurse builds a perfect sleeping routine. He used an appliance called ChiliPad installed on his own bed. It helped to adjust the bed’s temperature to the most comfortable condition for sleeping. He also advises players not to let their stomach empty or interact with blue light from smartphones or laptops at least 2 hours before sleeping. 


Nurse gives advice that players should take priority for natural ingredients and cut down on sweet foods or refined carbs.


To Nurse, pain or injuries should be treated carefully, not just by massage or yoga, but with highly effective technology appliances. Therefore, he has built a modern recovery center called Upgrade Labs. According to him, patients can be recovered from 3 to 5 times as quickly as in the normal lab.

Mental and emotional release

Nurse has always tried to create close bonds with his partners or players. He usually motivates players and propels them to confidence. He has been always ready to take long flights to meet and talk with his players if they get into trouble.

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