Carragher: I want Mourinho to win the Premier League again

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher spoke about the game of Tottenham, which is second in the Premier League standings.

“Of course I want Liverpool to win the Premier League. But, if someone else wins, I would love to see Jose Mourinho win again.

Mourinho has gone through a lot in recent years, including accusations that he is a man from the past and his football is from a different era. I really want him to win again and show the experts and the press that they wrote him off early.

For a Portuguese, it would be a beautiful story. After what he achieved in his career, he is still heavily criticized, because sometimes he does not quite rightly treat others. But it would be nice to see how he can win in another way.

There was no bigger fan of Mauricio Pochettino than me, but his team has outlived its usefulness: she needed changes, she needed development. When Jose came, last season was a bit unstable. I think no one at Tottenham could have imagined, including Daniel Levy, Mourinho and the players, that they would be able to compete for the championship this season. It was only about getting into the top 4.

But since this season is rather strange, if there is a chance for Tottenham to achieve something, it will be this season, ”Carragher quoted Sky Sports as saying.

Mourinho: Tottenham could become champion in many European countries

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Jose Mourinho suggested that the club could become the champion in many European countries.

“I would say that Tottenham could become the champion in many European countries. In the Premier League, the hardest thing is to be a champion, because you can have a good season, score a lot of points, but there are Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Leicester, Arsenal. So you can have a good season and not be a champion. What we can do? We play match after match. We try to win, we don’t give a damn about others. I just want the team to play match after match, and then at the end of the season we’ll see where we are, ”Goal quotes Mourinho.

At the moment, Tottenham are in second place in the England Championship standings with 17 points. The team is one point behind the leading Leicester.