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Carragher: I want Mourinho to win the Premier League again

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher spoke about the game of Tottenham, which is second in the Premier League standings.

“Of course I want Liverpool to win the Premier League. But, if someone else wins, I would love to see Jose Mourinho win again.

Mourinho has gone through a lot in recent years, including accusations that he is a man from the past and his football is from a different era. I really want him to win again and show the experts and the press that they wrote him off early.

For a Portuguese, it would be a beautiful story. After what he achieved in his career, he is still heavily criticized, because sometimes he does not quite rightly treat others. But it would be nice to see how he can win in another way.

There was no bigger fan of Mauricio Pochettino than me, but his team has outlived its usefulness: she needed changes, she needed development. When Jose came, last season was a bit unstable. I think no one at Tottenham could have imagined, including Daniel Levy, Mourinho and the players, that they would be able to compete for the championship this season. It was only about getting into the top 4.

But since this season is rather strange, if there is a chance for Tottenham to achieve something, it will be this season, ”Carragher quoted Sky Sports as saying.

Mourinho: Tottenham could become champion in many European countries

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Jose Mourinho suggested that the club could become the champion in many European countries.

“I would say that Tottenham could become the champion in many European countries. In the Premier League, the hardest thing is to be a champion, because you can have a good season, score a lot of points, but there are Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Leicester, Arsenal. So you can have a good season and not be a champion. What we can do? We play match after match. We try to win, we don’t give a damn about others. I just want the team to play match after match, and then at the end of the season we’ll see where we are, ”Goal quotes Mourinho.

At the moment, Tottenham are in second place in the England Championship standings with 17 points. The team is one point behind the leading Leicester.

“Mourinho constantly provokes. I feel like I’m in kindergarten.” Wenger responds to Jose’s autobiography

Former Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has responded to Jose Mourinho in charge of Tottenham.

The Portuguese suggested that he was not mentioned in Wenger’s autobiography because “they don’t write a Chapter about 12-14 matches in which there were no wins.

I don’t care. He is constantly provoking. It makes me feel like I’m in kindergarten.

But it’s part of his character. And he’s wrong, we beat him. We were winning, there were still a lot of draws.

Victory is not about” you”, you only participate in the victory. Victory is about “we”. The coach gets the most out of the team,” Wenger said on Canal+.

Jose Mourinho: “Losing 0:3 and losing on all counts, it is not easy to believe in success. Congratulations To West Ham»

Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho summed up the match of the 5th round of the Premier League with West ham (3:3), in which his team missed the victory, leading 3-0.

“This is football. Of course, I have to perform in the second half, this should not be done in public. But for you, I’d rather say that this is football and celebrate West ham’s belief in themselves.

It is not easy, losing 0:3 and losing on all counts, to continue to believe. I knew they were not the same team as they were last season, but to lose the three – goal advantage is a serious punishment for us. And it’s well-deserved.

I’ve already done the analysis, standing at the edge of the field, and I’ve come to the conclusion that some things were out of context. The goals were scored after set-pieces, there was an own goal and a goal after picking the ball.

We controlled the game, Kane hit the post instead of deciding the outcome of the match, and bale had to remove all questions about the winner. Based on the events, it was more likely our fourth goal, but this is football.

The team gradually began to give up, but with the arrival of Winks, we regained control and balance. And it was when we controlled the game that we conceded and allowed their faith to increase.

My guys weren’t mentally strong enough to handle it. In the last few seconds, we lost 2 points.

I said that you need to be alert in standard positions, it was known that the opponent is strong in this.

This game was in our hands and we lost 2 points,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.

Zanetti on Mourinho at inter: “He was a great motivator and always took care of the details».

Former inter captain Javier Zanetti shared his memories of working with Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese led the Italian club from 2008 to 2010 and won the Champions League, two scudettos and the Italian Cup.

“He has great abilities and a strong personality. He always took care of details and was attentive to everything. He was a great motivator. Jose let us know that we can do more.

We had a great team, because we had a lot of great players and at the same time great people. And it all resulted in two incredible seasons.

I remember our conversation after his appointment, when I was with my wife at the Rome airport. He called and said: “Hi, this is Jose. I apologize for my Italian.” Although he spoke perfect Italian (laughs).

He told me that he had just signed a contract, was looking forward to working with us, and that I was his captain. I was impressed. After the conversation, I told my wife that I called Mourinho, and she didn’t believe it. This once again highlighted his class, ” said Zanetti.

Gustavo Poyet: “If Mourinho does not take the trophy at Tottenham in 3 years, I will be very surprised».

Former Tottenham midfielder Gustavo Poyet has spoken out about spurs Manager Jose Mourinho.

“It is difficult to say whether it was the right decision to dismiss Pochettino. We don’t know what the management thinks.

From the outside, it looks like they spent an impressive five years with Pochettino. The Argentine did incredible things about how he made this team play football. He was able to maintain the momentum and get to the final of the Champions League.

But the club decided to change everything and take Mourinho, who is fighting for trophies, which is what Tottenham fans need. Time will tell if this is the right decision. If you give him three years at the club, I will be surprised if he doesn’t take the trophy. Very surprised, ” Poyet said.



Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer just had talks about the former coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho while his team, MU has been really taken off with flying colors recently. This team has been undefeatable during 11 successive matches in all championships and tournaments, which surprised every football fan. 

MU has officially had a ”gold ticket” to enter the Europa League quarter-final after scoring 5-0 against LASK, even though they had to be the guest team on Austria pitch. “Red Evil” is getting stronger after 11 successive defeats. The most memorable victory for MU among 11 matches is its success over Man City with the final score of 2-0 on Old Trafford within this year’s Premier League season. 

According to the Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, ”special coach” Mourinho has left him with a mess in MU when he was fired in December 2018. However, also thanks to several former players since ”Mourinho” time, along with newbie players that Solsa has brought to MU such as Harry Maguire, Aaron Want-Bussake, Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo, 

MU’s performances are at its high peak throughout history. 

Since taking over MU for Mourinho since December 2018, Solskjaer has canceled 9 playing contracts and signed 4 new transformation ones with other players. 

It is considered to be a revolution for Manchester United’s formation. 

”I always had felt that this team (Manchester United) needs to make changes.” Solskjaer said. ”We have signed new contracts with 4 new players, lost quite a lot of previous good players, formed a new football team with quite a lot of young players. I know that these changes can bring back effectiveness and revolutionary differences.”

”I believe that we are making movements and we are not lost out of the track. Manchester United’s performances are getting better than ever before.”