Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer just had talks about the former coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho while his team, MU has been really taken off with flying colors recently. This team has been undefeatable during 11 successive matches in all championships and tournaments, which surprised every football fan. 

MU has officially had a ”gold ticket” to enter the Europa League quarter-final after scoring 5-0 against LASK, even though they had to be the guest team on Austria pitch. “Red Evil” is getting stronger after 11 successive defeats. The most memorable victory for MU among 11 matches is its success over Man City with the final score of 2-0 on Old Trafford within this year’s Premier League season. 

According to the Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, ”special coach” Mourinho has left him with a mess in MU when he was fired in December 2018. However, also thanks to several former players since ”Mourinho” time, along with newbie players that Solsa has brought to MU such as Harry Maguire, Aaron Want-Bussake, Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo, 

MU’s performances are at its high peak throughout history. 

Since taking over MU for Mourinho since December 2018, Solskjaer has canceled 9 playing contracts and signed 4 new transformation ones with other players. 

It is considered to be a revolution for Manchester United’s formation. 

”I always had felt that this team (Manchester United) needs to make changes.” Solskjaer said. ”We have signed new contracts with 4 new players, lost quite a lot of previous good players, formed a new football team with quite a lot of young players. I know that these changes can bring back effectiveness and revolutionary differences.”

”I believe that we are making movements and we are not lost out of the track. Manchester United’s performances are getting better than ever before.”