Zanetti on Mourinho at inter: “He was a great motivator and always took care of the details».

Former inter captain Javier Zanetti shared his memories of working with Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese led the Italian club from 2008 to 2010 and won the Champions League, two scudettos and the Italian Cup.

“He has great abilities and a strong personality. He always took care of details and was attentive to everything. He was a great motivator. Jose let us know that we can do more.

We had a great team, because we had a lot of great players and at the same time great people. And it all resulted in two incredible seasons.

I remember our conversation after his appointment, when I was with my wife at the Rome airport. He called and said: “Hi, this is Jose. I apologize for my Italian.” Although he spoke perfect Italian (laughs).

He told me that he had just signed a contract, was looking forward to working with us, and that I was his captain. I was impressed. After the conversation, I told my wife that I called Mourinho, and she didn’t believe it. This once again highlighted his class, ” said Zanetti.

Gustavo Poyet: “If Mourinho does not take the trophy at Tottenham in 3 years, I will be very surprised».

Former Tottenham midfielder Gustavo Poyet has spoken out about spurs Manager Jose Mourinho.

“It is difficult to say whether it was the right decision to dismiss Pochettino. We don’t know what the management thinks.

From the outside, it looks like they spent an impressive five years with Pochettino. The Argentine did incredible things about how he made this team play football. He was able to maintain the momentum and get to the final of the Champions League.

But the club decided to change everything and take Mourinho, who is fighting for trophies, which is what Tottenham fans need. Time will tell if this is the right decision. If you give him three years at the club, I will be surprised if he doesn’t take the trophy. Very surprised, ” Poyet said.