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Wayne Rooney: “Lampard was a nightmare. I want pogba to play in The same style»

Former Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney has spoken out about former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard and compared him to Mancunian midfielder Paul Pogba.

Frank Lampard is a nightmare. A midfielder who just walks away from you. Frank was one of those who Ferguson says: “you can’t play one-on-one with him, you have to divide the responsibilities between several players.”

He would say the same thing about players you wouldn’t even think about. For example, Stephen Ireland and Jermaine Jenas. A second loss of team concentration, and top players like Lampard will punish you.

That’s why I would like to see Paul Pogba play deeper and break into the opponent’s penalty area. He would have scored more, and with his good footwork and athleticism, Paul will be a nightmare. I would use it in this role. If Pogba progresses in it, he will be great, ” Rooney said.

Frank Lampard: “Kante is one of the best players in the world. Chelsea missed him»

Head coach of “Chelsea” Frank Lampard has shared his thoughts on the midfielder Ngolo Kant.

“We had 4-5 injured players at the time of the suspension of the season. Kante is a great example because he has had 4-5 incredible seasons in terms of individual success and the coaches have used him very correctly.

He only played about 40% of the games this season, and even that was hard for him. We missed him very much. We need Kante, of course.

He is one of the best players in the world. I knew that long before I became Chelsea coach. And now I’ve seen it working with him. I hope Ngolo will be in good shape,” said Lampard in an interview with BT Sport.

Agent: “Lampard calls Mertens almost every day. Chelsea are very interested in the player»

Chelsea are seriously interested in signing Napoli forward Dries Mertens. This was reported by football agent Vincenzo Morabito.

“Initially, Mertens said that he wanted to stay at Napoli, but then his agent started offering the player to various foreign clubs. This means that something has changed between the player and the club.

I know this because I worked on the Olivier Giroud case when it was planned that he would leave Chelsea in January and the Blues would sign Mertens. As a result, Chelsea extended Giroud’s contract as a precautionary measure, but they are still very interested in Mertens. Lampard calls him almost every day. I can imagine the Belgian moving to Chelsea, ” Morabito said on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.

Earlier, there were reports of interest in Mertens from inter, Juventus, Roma, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Zanetti on Mourinho at inter: “He was a great motivator and always took care of the details».

Former inter captain Javier Zanetti shared his memories of working with Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese led the Italian club from 2008 to 2010 and won the Champions League, two scudettos and the Italian Cup.

“He has great abilities and a strong personality. He always took care of details and was attentive to everything. He was a great motivator. Jose let us know that we can do more.

We had a great team, because we had a lot of great players and at the same time great people. And it all resulted in two incredible seasons.

I remember our conversation after his appointment, when I was with my wife at the Rome airport. He called and said: “Hi, this is Jose. I apologize for my Italian.” Although he spoke perfect Italian (laughs).

He told me that he had just signed a contract, was looking forward to working with us, and that I was his captain. I was impressed. After the conversation, I told my wife that I called Mourinho, and she didn’t believe it. This once again highlighted his class, ” said Zanetti.

Gustavo Poyet: “If Mourinho does not take the trophy at Tottenham in 3 years, I will be very surprised».

Former Tottenham midfielder Gustavo Poyet has spoken out about spurs Manager Jose Mourinho.

“It is difficult to say whether it was the right decision to dismiss Pochettino. We don’t know what the management thinks.

From the outside, it looks like they spent an impressive five years with Pochettino. The Argentine did incredible things about how he made this team play football. He was able to maintain the momentum and get to the final of the Champions League.

But the club decided to change everything and take Mourinho, who is fighting for trophies, which is what Tottenham fans need. Time will tell if this is the right decision. If you give him three years at the club, I will be surprised if he doesn’t take the trophy. Very surprised, ” Poyet said.

Utkin about the best coaches in the world: “I don’t think Ferguson is great, and Guardiola’s football is not romantic».

Journalist Vasily Utkin shared his thoughts about the best coaches in the history of football.

“Who do we think is a great coach? I am afraid that it is impossible for everyone to agree on this issue. Look at the top ten FourFourTwo. It has three British coaches. Well, isn’t it related to the fact that the magazine is English? And I don’t mean patriotism at all, I mean that different countries – especially countries with a great, large, long – standing football culture-have developed their own idea of the greatness of coaches.

I don’t think sir Alex Ferguson is a great coach at all. I think his coach is outstanding in every way, but you already know that I am very, very demanding of the word “great”.

Why don’t I think sir Alex is a great coach? Explain to you. Perhaps the first thing that will occur to you is that sir Alex only worked for one team all the time. First of all, this is not true. He also worked at Aberdeen – and the Scottish Aberdeen never showed what it did under sir Alex again. But this is not the point, in principle. This criterion that you need to work in different places, it is in principle very vymorochny. Don’t you understand that sir Alex Ferguson has made a lot of different teams at the same club all the time.

What is important is that different countries have different stereotypes about who a coach is. And in England, of course, it is the coach-Manager, the coach-father. Note that this applies to all coaches – Ferguson, Shankly, and Busby. This English criterion does not distinguish another very important quality of the coach.

In my opinion, a truly great coach can’t exist outside of the greatness of the concept. The coach must have a specific view of the football game. It can change, too, but a great coach, in my understanding, must bring some new idea to the world. Michels meets this requirement, sir Alex Ferguson does not.

This does not mean that I am necessarily right or that you are necessarily right about, say, who to choose from these two symbolic figures. This simply means that there may be different views on the coach’s figure. In this sense, I want to congratulate you: we live in the era of a coach who is certainly great and who will remain in history. This Is PEP Guardiola.

It certainly changes football. We often talk about romantic and pragmatic football, but this is a big exaggeration. Guardiola’s football is not at all romantic, it is wildly pragmatic. He watches his opponent die of thirst. He does not beat it with a sword and shield, but takes the ball – and the opponent can do nothing at all. It is a slow, humiliating death from the inability to resist. What is the romance here?

If I were guided by purely British criteria, I would add Jock Stein, who died in the dressing room after the Scotland team made it to the 1986 world Cup under his leadership. By the way, thanks to this unfortunate event, we saw sir Alex Ferguson at the head of the national team, even for one tournament.

Jock Stein is great with Celtic winning the Champions Cup. This is one of the last victories of the old era, and Stein also expressed himself in the sense that he was successful with a team whose players all grew up in or around Glasgow. This principle that it is cool to achieve success with your students, with the locals, it remains very important for many people to this day.

I honestly wouldn’t put bill Shankly in the top ten. Of the coaches already named, it is the easiest to do without him. Busby is a unique example, which is impossible not to appreciate. It’s not quite coaching example – his team lost, but he has made new again and was able to make it the best in the world, brought to a level which has not finished first, but rather personal, but Busby here.

I don’t want to be very Intrusive with this hassle, that the coach must have his own new concept. Yes, this is very cool, this is the most important thing, without it it is impossible to top such a list. But coaches are different. There is a name today half-forgotten, but this is the type of coach who can work almost anywhere, makes a team from improvised means. This is Ernst Happel, ninth on the list. He was the first ever to win the Champions Cup with two different teams.

Lobanovsky’s place is beyond any doubt. He is probably the head coach from the Eastern bloc in history. On the one hand, he absorbed new ideas – he was a student of Maslov, he was total, and partly totalitarian in terms of implementing a certain concept of the game. But at the same time, he was always very critical of himself. When he came to Dynamo Kiev, he wanted his colleague Basilevich to take the position of head coach with him – that’s how much Lobanovsky valued other people’s opinions.

At the same time, he was a man of his time, and his work and success are inseparable from the realities of the Soviet Union. Comparing Lobanovsky with Beskov (this is a figure of the Happel type), it was often said that Beskov, in order to assemble a strong team, would only need to see 30 people, and Lobanovsky would need 300. It would be simply impossible to do this now – invite anyone. And Lobanovsky had such opportunities in the Soviet Union. This does not belittle his coaching personality, but only shows that he became the first and irrefutable – and now forever – in the society that gave these opportunities. But he is an absolutely great coach.

Ariggo Sacchi is definitely in his place here. I will not dispute whether it is the sixth, third or eighth – it is simply irrelevant. Sacchi invented the pressure in the modern sense of the word in Milan and thus turned the minds of a large number of people in the football world. He is a great coach and has come up with a way of playing that is suitable for a poor team without stars.

The very principle of Sacchi-creating maximum density, maximum resistance to the opponent in a limited area of the field-is applicable both in the team claiming the first place, and in the team claiming a place in the top ten. This idea was the crowning achievement of that era – before the 1994 world Cup-when they talked about the death of football from a goalless drought, when defense was put above attack.

Jurgen Klopp: “I Knew I would be sacked if I didn’t achieve something with Liverpool»

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that he thought the Reds ‘ management might fire him.

“When I first took charge of Liverpool, it was clear that we needed time. It is clear that we can’t fix everything in one night.

So I had to ask for time, and I did. I’ve never been fired before, I’ve never had this experience. But I knew that I was on a different level now, and if I couldn’t do something fast enough, then I would be fired. It’s simple. That’s why I said at the time that if I’m here in four years, then something has changed in that time. It’s not that I asked for four years. I needed some time, I got it.

It was nice that after seven or eight games, the owners of Liverpool were really positive about the club’s position. They decided that I was on the right track, and from that moment on they never asked questions. They trusted me completely and said, ” We will stay on this path, everything will be fine. Who knows if you can win something in this difficult League, but we will try.”

We didn’t want to lose like we did with Sevilla, Manchester city or real Madrid. The so called experts said: “If he doesn’t win the trophy next time, then they have to change something.” However, no one inside the club thought so, ” Klopp said.

Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool is an unfinished book. We have a lot of space for progress»

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp spoke about the team’s progress.

“First of all, we will not deviate from our principles. But whether Liverpool will be successful depends on the actions of other clubs. They have every chance to get better. So I have no idea what the future holds.

But we will not change, Liverpool is an unfinished book. We have a lot of space for progress, and we are working on it.

A new generation is growing up in the team. We can get better with this team, it’s great, ” Klopp said.

Jurgen Klopp: “When I first met Mane, he looked like an aspiring rapper».

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp has spoken about his first meeting with Merseyside striker Sadio mane.
“I remember how we Sadio for the first time crossed — quotes Klopp. — It was in Dortmund. I see a very young guy sitting there, with a baseball cap on one side and a white stripe on his hair, just like now. In General, he looked like some aspiring rapper. I thought, ” I don’t have time for him right now.” Our team looked good at the time, I needed someone who wasn’t a starting player at first, but someone I could help develop. At the time, I thought I had a great sense of people, but it turned out that I was wrong. As a result, mane performed well at Salzburg, while at Southampton he simply dominated.

Liverpool bought mane from Southampton in the summer of 2016 for 41.2 million euros. The Senegalese has 77 goals and 34 assists in 161 all-time games for the Merseysiders.

Mane: “Klopp is a great coach. He knows how to take the player to the next level»

Liverpool striker Sadio mane has spoken flatteringly about head coach Jurgen Klopp.
“Jurgen Klopp is a great coach. He always keeps a positive attitude. Even after a loss, he finds something to say to encourage new victories.
Klopp knows how to take a player to a new level, especially when the player thinks he can’t move on, ” sane was quoted as saying by Goal.

Klopp on behalf of Liverpool thanked the doctors

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has congratulated the doctors on International health day via the Reds ‘ Instagram account.
This holiday is traditionally celebrated on April 7.
“I, the coaching staff and the Liverpool players would like to thank all the amazing people who work in the healthcare sector for their work. Your work is incredible. On behalf of the club, I say thank you or, as they say in Germany, vielen Dank, ” Klopp said to the doctors.
Recall that an outbreak of coronavirus was recorded in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. According to the latest data, more than 82 thousand people died from the disease, and 32 thousand recovered. The total number of cases exceeded 1.4 million. it Was previously reported that Liverpool intends to acquire the defender of “Sevilla”.


France Football has compiled a ranking of the 50 best coaches in history.

France Football is the same publication that has been awarding the Golden ball to the best footballer in the world every winter since 1956. An authoritative French magazine with a long history and traditions has compiled its own list of the best coaches in the world in history. With some restrictions.

The main limitation is that we are talking about coaches who have made history by working for clubs, not national teams. So don’t look for Luiz Felipe Scolari, Cesar Luis Menotti or Carlos Bilardo here, and Vicente del Bosque didn’t make the top ten.

You also need to pay attention to the selection criteria. The authors claim that they were guided by three main points: trophies won with the club, football heritage and personal qualities of the coach. The latter is due to another factor that the authors took into account: the length of the coaching career. How to understand “personal qualities” and how to measure them is a difficult question. It is possible that this item is associated with some of the disputed places in the list.

The top five
In the first place-the author of the concept of total football, the person who influenced the game, probably the most in the XX century. Rinus Michels won everything with Ajax and changed football.

Sir Alex Ferguson spent 27 years as Manchester United Manager. He has always adapted to the players and built several teams that are completely different from each other in style of play. But he always won.

Arrigo Sacchi introduced Italy to high pressure and total football. For that Series A, used to catenaccio, it was a revolution.

Johan Сruiff was the first example that a great football player can still become a great coach. He became the embodiment of the evolution of Michels ‘ ideas. Touch passes, player interchangeability, a 3-4-3 pattern in possession: his players couldn’t understand what was required of them at first. But they learned quickly.

Josep Guardiola is another follower of Kruiff who is changing football before our eyes. He is in fifth place, and this is the highest ranking among all current coaches.

What’s wrong with the list?
Despite the listed selection criteria, the list leaves many questions. Starting from third place, Arrigo Sacchi, who really made a great contribution to the development of Italian football, but won less than 10 trophies in his entire career. Especially strange is his third place looks in comparison with the absence of Jose Mourinho in the top ten, who made a significant contribution to the development of football in England, while creating one of the strongest teams in the history of the Premier League, and on a personal level won twice as much.

Vicente del Bosque went down in history thanks to his success with the Spanish national team, but his work at Real Madrid was also outstanding. And by the trophies, and by the trail in history that the Galacticos project left in history. However, in the ranking of France Football club coaches, del Bosque is much lower than Jurgen Klopp.

Why are Carlo Ancelotti’s victories in four national Championships and won with different clubs in the Champions League so much more significant than Mourinho’s victories in four national Championships and won with different clubs in the Champions League? Of the two, only the Portuguese introduced new ideas to football, building the perfect defensive machine at Chelsea in the 2004-05 season. Or is it a matter of those very personal qualities?

There are other details. Arsene Wenger is a revolutionary of the Premier League, a man who single-handedly changed the League’s idea of the style of play in the mid-90s. Yes, he is not a specialist in trophies, but he has won the tournament three times, including with the historic achievement of a season without defeats. And if we talk about the length of his career, he is generally out of competition. But-the final 32nd place, which looks like a joke. Below Jurgen Klopp, below Diego Simeone.

If we talk about the theorists who did not take big trophies, but changed the game, the rating is also surprising. Where is Zdenek Zeman, who was admired even by his opponents? Yes, he did not win anything, but his attacking geometric football delighted even his opponents and helped to reveal a lot of talents. In addition, the rating has Marcelo Bielsa-a coach whose portfolio contains no more trophies.

Frank rykard is remembered by many for the 2005/06 season, but is one season with peak Ronaldinho (who was then able to solve any match alone) enough to become one of the 50 best club coaches in the history of football? Where is Luis Enrique then?

Residents of the former USSR also have something to be surprised about. I am glad that in the rating, in addition to the obvious Valery Lobanovsky, Viktor Maslov got, but where in this case is Konstantin Beskov? A unique figure in the history of football in the USSR, precisely for his contribution to the development of the game and for his legacy. The founder of the Spartak style of play and the eternal rival of Lobanovsky. Miss him.

The rating caused controversy in social networks – especially the positions of Wenger and Klopp. Even the editor-in-chief of the magazine was asked about them in comments on Twitter.

He hasn’t answered yet.



The renowned French coach once again gave talks about his future in Bernabeu regarding the rumor revealing that Coach Jose Mourinho is bound to take on the senior coach of Real Madrid soon.

2 days after the failure to Mallorca with the final score of 0-1 in La Liga, Coach Zinedine Zidane continued to turn up in public to give talks with journalists about the match with the Champions League. Real Madrid, at that time, set the goal of scoring 3 points after an unsuccessful beginning of being a loser to PSG and ending up with a draw in the match with Club Brugge

When being asked about his future in Real Madrid under the rumor of being replaced, the French coach answered; ”This question should be given to other people as I still want to stay with Real Madrid now and forever. I have been here for almost 18 years since the day I was a Real Madrid player. Rumors have truly disappointed me recently. My team only wants to score 3 points in the next match and we will try our best.”

”Criticism and rumors of Coach replacement will never come to an end. These are where pressure origins from. We all know how Real Madrid’s performances have been recently. We had a terrible beginning in Champions League, however, we are standing the chance of changing the position tomorrow.” coach ZINEDINE ZIDANE added.

Real Madrid was facing the risk of playing for the Europa League if they will not have more outstanding performances as well as gain more achievements in the Champions League. Meanwhile, the failure to Mallorca also took away the record of being undefeated in La Liga of Real Madrid, at the same time losing the top 1 to Barca. 

Is Pep Guardiola lucky to lead strong teams in his career? (Part 1)

Many people think that coach Pep Guardiola is lucky to lead strong teams in his career. However, to have that “luck”, he must be a person with real talent.

On March 1, Man City won the English League Cup after winning 3-1 against Aston Villa in the final. This is the 29th time Pep Guardiola has won the title after 11 years of participating in coaching.

Pep spent 625 official matches with 3 clubs Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, and Man City. The Spaniard lost an average of 21.5 matches to win a title. He is one of the coaches who need the fewest matches to win a title in football history. Pep is a true genius with the calculations in how to build the game.

Pep Guardiola - thien tai hay ke an may hinh anh 2 pep.jpeg

Absolute control

In the summer of 2016, Pep officially left Bayern Munich to take over as the head coach at Man City. At that time, Joe Hart was the captain and goalkeeper of the Etihad Stadium. He was also the main catcher in England’s goal in EURO 2016. In the Premier League, Hart is also one of the top goalkeepers.

However, Pep does not want to use Hart because the English goalkeeper does not play well. He prefers absolute ball control and short passes from the home court are the foundation. With Pep, a long ball to the top up the risk of losing the ball. When Pep was leading Barca or Bayern Munich, he had good goalkeepers like Victor Valdes, Jose Pinto and Manuel Neuer.

Pep Guardiola - thien tai hay ke an may hinh anh 4 fernandinho.jpeg

He then brought in Claudio Bravo and Ederson Moraes, virtuosity goalkeepers. With Ederson, Man City can deploy the ball in a unique way. Pep directed the two central defenders deep back to attract the opponent striker. At that time, the two full-backs of Man City surged and waited for the correct pass from Ederson. The Brazilian goalkeeper can also pass a short pass to the central midfielder who has retreated. He always gives quality passes.

Ederson is always confident with the ability to handle his feet. He thinks that he can play well in midfield. He used to create assists from the home side to Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling to score.


Kurt Browning is one of the most legendary coaches in Canada, who is a figure skater, choreographer and recently, a commentator. He was born on the 18th of June, 1966 in the countryside of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. 


Kurt Browning made the history when he earned the titles of both Canadian figures skating champion and World champion four times. During the period from 1989 to 1994, he was Canadian representatives in three Winter Olympics and successively won in high ranks. In 1988, he was ranked 8th overall, then 6th in 1992 finally 5th in 1994. His skating career at that time truly took off with a lot of titles and championship. During the opening ceremony of Lillehammer 1994 games, Kurt Browning proudly undertook the mission of carrying the Canadian flag. Apart from those, he also earned other remarkable titles such as three Canadian Professional Championships and three World Professional Championships. 


Apart from those accomplishments, it should be reckless to mention Kurt Browning without his legendary quadruple jump, a toe loop in 1988. This jump was later recorded in Guinness Book of Records and upgrade Canadian skating to another high level. The quadruple jump was supposed to be recorded by Jozef Sabovčík in 1986, however, his jump was unrecognized 3 weeks later due to technical fault. Therefore, Kurt Browning became the first one to land this difficult jump worldwide. He then confided: “I remember that there were a few people landing the jump (in practice) long before I did, and by watching them I was inspired to try it myself. After landing it, I certainly expected more skaters to start doing it in competition. I was surprised in the next few years when that really did not happen.” As an outstanding talented skater, Kurt Browning is also highly appraised for being patient, hardworking and never giving things up easily.